Semana Clasica de Puerto Sherry 2012

A special edition of this new race , an experience for all the participants to leave the Mediterranean , one of the best race courses in the world, and as such they have enjoyed both participants and audience.

It was the first race of the class 15 m or so , and was a success for everyone , on the one hand the possibility to navigate in real time with other sister ships , and on the other hand was the germ of the union of the crews of all class members , which have been demonstrating for all races in which they have participated in the season.

It all started with a pre- race between Hispania and Tuiga challenge, in which the latter got beat in this mythical clash of these two sister units per design, construction and first owners, and still maintaining rivalry and fellowship that showed the early twentieth century.

The race began on Wednesday 25 July with a day of light winds in the Mariska got to assert and impose conditions to The Lady Anne , Tuiga and Hispania . The next day the second trial was held with the victory of The Lady Anne who won from start to finish of the race , and was followed by Mariska that after an intense struggle over the last downwind leg between Tuiga and Spain managed to take this dispute to win the second place finish of the day. The third day after an intense race and raced the Tuiga able to claim victory after The Lady Anne , Hispania and Mariska . We got to the final day with a chance of victory for The Lady Anne , Mariska and Tuiga , ending the day with a contested victory Tuiga followed by The Lady Anne , Mariska and Hispania .

The first race of the International Class 15 Meters ended with the victory of The Lady Anne , followed by Tuiga , Mariska and Hispania .

Here you can obtain rankings (spanish):